Creating the future of Catering Services, Tourism and Entertainment

The SONDERus group develops and accompanies our clients in their business. Making their initiatives and issues ours. We develop the projects of tomorrow and we enter into a complete management that includes innovation, commercialization, training, management, development of events and project management.

SonderUs aims at Excellence in Business Projects.

SONDERus is a group dedicated to providing exclusive services dedicated to the world of restaurants, tourism and entertainment. 


Our business lines

We use our experience, our network and our passion for gastronomy, tourism and entertainment for the continuous improvement of companies.

Sonder Events represents the planning, development and execution of the most special and dedicated events with a global projection, creating unforgettable moments that generate brand value.

Sonder Manager represents the Direction and Strategic Execution of Projects merged with the incorporation of a Manager with direct experience in project management.

Sonder Academy offers a "specialized training method in how to do it" from the perspective of execution by competencies and comprehensive management that guarantees training results.

Sonder Board we help our clients to visualize the business and in decision making by creating direct collaboration in the business unit by our Partners.

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